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In October 2014, in Zambia, the World Coordination of MIJARC has established a new Food Sovereignty Commission.

Mission and Responsibilities of the FS Commission

- Bottom-up approach: it is the General Assembly who decides what should be done and the commission shall start from this basis to give guidelines;

- Inform and educate the movements: list up all the activities that are already happening in each country related to Food Sovereignty and inform the world level; invite movements to do activities on the topic and if they don’t know it well, provide information/ train them; provide or share materials on the topic;

- Be the information channel between global, continental and national levels: follow-up the activities happening in each continent; share reports, best practices, materials; motivate national teams;

- Represent the movement outside and collect information from other associations or institutions working on the topic;

- Ensure that the movements are working in the direction of food sovereignty and find ways to achieve it;

FS Commissioners
Charles Dramane (Benin) - coordinator of the Commission
Jean Paul Nyabyenda (Rwanda)
Sarita Minz (India)
Santosh Francis (India)
Ana Silva (Portugal)
François Bausson (France)
Claire Quintin (MIJARC World Secretary)